AR/VR – What are the latest developments and how can you use it to enhance your next campaign?

Zoom session – 22nd of November. Presented by AR/VR expert Alex Gibson FMII, and featuring case study analysis by Conor Wynne, Creative Technology Director at Verve.   Alex will explore the intersection of AR/VR development and marketing, providing insights into current trends and future advancements and discussing their potential applications.  Conor, on the other hand, will […]

Paddy Power’s Best Campaigns.

A huge thank you to Jack Wilson, Head of Content and Channels and Mark Walsh, Content Manager, for their November presentation and the unique opportunity for APMC members to hear from one of Ireland’s best known advertisers – the home of Mischief – Paddy Power. A recording of the session is available exclusively for members, […]

Smirnoff Europe – Winning in Culture with Music & Festivals

APMC breakfast seminar: • Presentation title: Smirnoff Europe – Winning in Culture with Music & Festivals • By Karen O’Shea, Diageo, Marketing Manager Europe • Venue: The Marker Hotel • Date: Tuesday, June 14th • Registration: 7.30am, session will end at approx. 9.30am. Cost: Corporate Members: €35 per person, €100 for 4 attending from the […]