AR/VR – What are the latest developments and how can you use it to enhance your next campaign?

Zoom session – 22nd of November.

Presented by AR/VR expert Alex Gibson FMII, and featuring case study analysis by Conor Wynne, Creative Technology Director at Verve. 

Alex will explore the intersection of AR/VR development and marketing, providing insights into current trends and future advancements and discussing their potential applications. 

Conor, on the other hand, will delve into case studies, demonstrating how this technology can be effectively deployed across diverse markets. 

Additionally, performance metrics will be discussed to gauge the impact of these innovations.

This will be a lunchtime Zoom session taking place on:

Wednesday, the 22nd of November from 1pm to 2pm
  There will be an opportunity for Q&A after the talk.

Advance booking is essential – email for further details and to obtain the Zoom link.
Non-Members €45.00 per person