Category A1: Retail & Consumer Durables, Automotive and Household GoodsOgilvySGSCChristmas 2019s
PublicisSPARDonal's Superfood in minutess c/w
OgilvyFord IrelandSupport of Hospice Light up a lifeb
Category A2: FMCG - FOOD and Non Food and Non-Alcoholic BeveragesPlutoPladisGet Back to Realb
BBDOGlanbiaSuper Milk Safarib
BBDOMars IrelandLullabies for Lorenzog
Honey+BuzzHeineken 0.0%Drive Throughg c/w
VerveThe Coca-Cola CompanyMelodic Woodg
InSight MarketingBritvicClub BitsCoins
InSight MarketingTayto SnacksLive Free for a Yearg
Mindshare / InventionBrennans BreadA Selection Box, only breaders
Category A3: Alcoholic Beverages - Beers, Wines and SpiritsVerveDiageoGuinness 232g c/w
VerveDiageoGuinness Winterfestg
Category A4: Service Industries, including financial services, utiities, IT and TelecomsVerveKBC BankStudent Campaignb
Boys + GirlsUlster BankHome Made Easyb
CMSVodafoneX Campus Tours c/w
Category A5: Charity and Non-ProfitDogs TrustDogs TrustA Dog is For Lifes c/w
Category A6: Business to Business and Trade and Salesforce.VerveDiageoRockshore Apple Ciders
CMSVodafoneEveryone Ing c/w
Category B1: Best Long Term CampaignHoney+BuzzHeineken 0.0%Experientialg c/w
Category B2: Best InnovationRothcoIRFUSee Greeng c/w
BBDOMars IrelandLullabies for Lorenzog
VerveThe Coca-Cola CompanyMelodic Woodg
Boys + GirlsSamsungSamsung Mazeb
Mindshare / InventionBrennans BreadA Selection Box, only breaderb
Category B3: Best Integrated CampaignPlutoPladisGet Back to Realb
BBDOGlanbiaSuper Milk Safaris
VerveDiageoGuinness 6 Nationsg c/w
InSight MarketingBritvicClub BitsCoins
Category B4: Best Use of DigitalRothcoIRFUSee Greeng
BBDOMars IrelandLullabies for Lorenzog c/w
VerveHockey IrelandRoad to Tokyob
VerveKBC BankDublin Marathons
B5: Best use of ExperientialHoney+BuzzHeineken 0.0%Drive Throughg
VerveThe Coca-Cola CompanySchweppes Ultimate Mixer Studio 2019s
VerveDiageoGuinness 232g c/w
VerveDiageoGuinness Winterfestg
Boys + GirlsSamsungSamsung Maze at All together Nowb
Boys + GirlsThreeThree at Electric Picnics
B6: Best use of a Small BudgetPlutoDanoneWinter Bottleb
BBDOMars IrelandLullabies for Lorenzog
PublicisSPARDonal's Superfood in minutess
CMSPaddy PowerReverse the Curses
CMSVodafoneIreland's Wakeup Callg c/w
B7: Best InternationalCogs & MarvelGooglePixels
VerveDiageoGuinness 6 Nationsg c/w
DesignbankUnilever USAEarth Days
B8: Best SponsorshipVerveDiageoGuinness 6 Nationsg c/w
Boys + GirlsThreeThree at Electric Picnics
B9: Best Shopper MarketingInSight MarketingTayto Snacks65th Birthdayg c/w
B10: Best Social Media - Influencer Marketing and PRVerveHockey IrelandRoad to Tokyos
Mindshare / InventionBrennans BreadA Selection Box, only breaderg c/w
B11: Rising StarBBDOElana MurphyRising Star Award
Honey+BuzzRita O'BrienRising Star Award
VerveEva McCarthyRising Star Award
Best CreativeVerveThe Coca-Cola CompanyMelodic WoodCreative Gold
VerveDiageoGuinness 232 Creative Silver
PlutoLambay Irish WhiskeyLambay LegendsCreative Silver
Grand PrixHoney+BuzzHeineken 0.0%Drive ThroughGrand Prix