The annual APMC Star Awards, over the last twenty-seven years, have rewarded and recognised best in class promotional marketing and brand activation campaigns in Ireland & internationally. Just as importantly, they publicise the contribution which our industry makes in helping a broad spectrum of companies achieve their marketing objectives. The APMC Star Awards provide the opportunity for campaigns to be compared and judged by a panel of expert judges.

Gold awards will be made in each category to the outright winner providing the entry achieves 75% or more of marks. The minimum rating for silver is 65% – 74%, while the minimum rating for bronze is 55% – 64%. All Gold winners are eligible for the best overall promotion award for 2019 – the Grand Prix, which is awarded at the discretion of the judges.

Award winners in each category will be eligible to enter their campaigns into the IMCC European Federation of Sales Promotion ‘Best of Europe’ Awards programme. 2018 and 2019 saw the APMC overall winner, Guns or Knives/Rothco, claim the Grand Prix in Europe. 

While you would of course be delighted to win, it is an honour to be considered for an award. In recognition of this, the APMC will inform all entrants nominated in each category three weeks in advance of the Awards Ceremony. To be nominated for an award, a campaign must be one of the top six in that category and score a minimum of 55%*. A nomination does not guarantee an award.

*Where more than 3 campaigns win awards in a category, more than 6 campaigns may be nominated.

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