Bounce Insights – APMC Webinar, Thursday, October 1st

Q: Do you want to know how brands can win with Gen Y + Z mid-COVID-19?

A: Get your answer from REAL people.



Date: 1st of October, 2020
Time: 12:45pm – 1:30pm

Bounce Insights are an industry-leading consumer insights platform specialising in mobile-driven market research. They have studied pre and mid-COVID-19 behaviours, especially amongst Gen Y (Millennials) and Gen Z.

In this research-driven educational webinar event, Bounce Insights will share their insight into thousands of Irish customers, so you and your business can be better informed.

Do you have specific questions that you would like Irish consumers to answer?

Are they worried about their futures? Are you wondering if they still crave experiences? And if so, what kind of experiences?

You ask us and we will ask them.

Bounce will run an exclusive tailored survey prior to the webinar.
Submit your questions via email to

These questions will be processed by the Bounce Insights platform and results will be delivered during the event.
We hope that this will bring value to you, our APMC members.

-Introductions & overview of Bounce Insights
-APMC Members Insights – Capturing insight from a national 16-35 year old audience

If you want to know what thousands of Irish customers are thinking and feeling right now, this free online event is not to be missed!

Deadline for question submission is 21st of September 2020.

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