Introduction to Retail Sustainability, with Sharon Yourell Lawlor

11th of July @ 10.30am

via Zoom.

Free for APMC Members.

Sharon Yourell Lawlor, founder of Think Plan Do Consulting, is a renowned shopper and retail strategist, and one of RETHINK Retail’s top 2023 global Influencers.  With over 25 years’ experience working within the Consumer Product Goods (CPG) industry, Sharon assists clients to better understand trends shaping the global retail and hospitality landscape and to develop strategies that effectively enhance customer experience and guide today’s consumers and shoppers on their purchase journeys.  As a sought after thought provoker about the future of retail, Sharon has co-written a guide on sustainability for the Irish retail sector called ‘Sustainable Irish Retail Action’ (SIRA), in partnership with Retail Excellence Ireland and Champion Green, to assist businesses in preparation for a more sustainable retail future.  She is also the author of LinkedIn Learning’s first training course on Retail Marketing strategy.

In this session, Sharon will give an introduction to ‘Sustainability’ through the eyes of the retailer and talk about what retailers need to do to make their businesses more sustainable and the role that agencies play to support the retail industry in this regard.

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