EACA News – The advertising industry: Should I stay or should I go?

The EACA, together with edcom (European Institute for Commercial Communications Education) and with the support of WARC (World Advertising Research Center), have just released the “Advertising industry: Should I stay or should I go?” White Paper, based on the results of the surveys with the same, aimed at final-year students and agency recruiters.

The first questionnaire measured the appetite for pursuing a career in a creative, media or digital agency of 200 students and enquired about their lived experiences during their university years. Simultaneously, the other survey addressed 200 recruiters in the agencies. It focused on revealing those skills that are in demand the most and identifying where the difference between the two groups’ expectations lies.

The White Paper, co-authored by Paul Springer, former edcom President and Dean of Academic Strategy at the University of Arts London, and Laura Vingan, Communications Manager at EACA, further explored and illustrated the common themes that arose from the surveyees’ replies. These new and actionable insights will help bridge the gap between the freshly-graduates and the companies looking to hire them, as well as open the door to more research in the area of talent.

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