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Mission Statement / Membership Application

people in boardroom

For more than a decade the APMC, and in its previous existence as the IISPC, has championed sales promotion and promotional marketing as a key element of the marketing mix.

Indeed as an industry we have seen our business thrive and suffer with the economy, particularly in the last five years, but overall promotional marketing is now widely acknowledged as a vital step in the marketing communications process.  It delivers key measurables that advertising cannot, but it can also allow you to truly connect with your consumers by interacting with them in a memorable way.

A lot has been achieved.  We now find ourselves on the brink of a new era for marketers, where clients demand value and a visible return on their investment.  The promotional marketing industry is ideally positioned to reap the benefits of this shift in the way our clients do business, and the APMC will lead the way in breaking new ground and ensuring promotional marketing is re-positioned among our clients as a viable alternative to advertising in achieving objectives, including building brands.

Brand owners have growing confidence in what we do and promotional marketing has started to move up the communications food chain and is getting bigger shares of budgets and a voice in strategic planning.  Major accounts are now being won and lost due to an agencies BTL capabilities and what they can add to a campaign.

Our objectives will be to:

Challenge brand owners to view the marcomms world through BTL eyes.  To do this we need to champion our industry and our member agencies as experts.  The ideal is where we get brand owners to start to think promotional marketing first, in tandem with advertising instead of after it, because of what it can do for their brand, and to build the campaign around that idea.

Encourage them to challenge their pre-conceptions that advertising is the home of brand and consumer planning and that the role of ‘branding’ sits with the ad agencies.  We are not asking for clients to make a radical shift from an ATL focus to a BTL focus, merely to consider the possibilities that BTL can present, and to afford the agencies the opportunity to input into brand and consumer planning and to open their minds to the possibilities that this new perspective could present.

Move from tactical to strategic thinking when it comes to BTL.  Approach promotional marketing activities as not just a short term quick fix that can deliver a sales spike, but as a powerful brand building tool that can communicate with your consumers in a way that no other marketing tool can.

This isn’t going to happen overnight, and requires dedication and commitment from firstly the APMC, but also from our members.

The APMC’s role will be to:

Target clients – this will be done through a range of channels, from our website to print media and possibly direct mail.

Media partnership – we will put in place a media partnership which will help us to communicate with our clients in a valuable way.  This will take the form of features published periodically throughout the year, to stimulate debate among our clients and challenge their perceptions.

Recruitment – many marketing graduates are lured by the sexier perceptions of advertising.  We will put in place a programme to target specialist recruitment agencies, colleges and graduates and re-position the promotional marketing industry in their eyes.  As the industry body the APMC is committed to helping our members attract the best people.

This won’t be an easy task, but its one that the APMC are committed to.  The early signs are there that the marketing industry is changing and clients are looking for new ways to work and communicate with their consumers, and now is the time to re-position ourselves.

We must not forget that we are a brand too, and brands must evolve.  And a brand that stands still will be left behind.

Thank you.

- The Board of the APMC


Apply or enquire: