Terms & Conditions

The APMC Star Awards showcase effectiveness and creative excellence in Ireland in Promotional Marketing and its pre-eminence has been achieved by rigorously maintaining standards over the years.

To be nominated as a finalist, places your campaign in the top echelon of achievement and being declared a winner adds the impartial stamp of approval by the whole industry for producing outstanding Promotional Marketing during 2018.

Like our industry, the APMC Star Awards continue to evolve and develop, reflecting both ever-changing market places and the advent of new techniques and technologies.

Category winning campaigns receive the opportunity to enter the European Promotional Marketing Awards, the IMC Awards. APMC members have an outstanding recent record in this competition, including a Grand Prix win in 2018.

The APMC Star Awards are easy to enter, so maximise your chances by ensuring that you:

  • understand the categories
  • enter all applicable categories
  • support your entry with appropriate materials
  • provide evidence of effectiveness and proper results
  • only give factual and relevant information and follow the entry rules

Who May Enter?

Entries may be made by either a Consultancy or Service Partner on behalf of a Promoter or by the Promoter direct.

Qualifying Dates

  • With the exception of the International Category, 0nly work that ran in Ireland is eligible
  • Campaigns that finished during the calendar year 2018 are eligible. This may preclude the entry of certain campaigns, which did not begin until late 2018 and are still running. Such campaigns should be entered in next year’s Awards.
  • Previous APMC Award-winning campaigns may not re-enter, except if they form part of the ‘Best Long Term Campaign’ Award.



Entry and Entry Forms – See Entry Materials.

(A) The Entry Form – general tips on completing your entry form.

  • This should be completed in 12-point type only; following the headings provided and must not exceed the word count maximum in each section.
  • Presentation is all important. Judges typically have less than 8 minutes to consider each entry, including viewing your creative slide, reading your entry form and watching your video, so brevity is essential. Please provide a succinct and factual summation of the key points of your campaign relevant to the category being entered. Poor spelling, grammar and lack of attention to detail will inevitably be marked down.
  • The results of the campaign must be provided. Show the results as precisely as possible, giving independent verification where available. Results must be measurable, i.e. redemption percentages are not sufficient. They must be qualified by numbers of units and numbers of packs (if applicable). Any other increase in sales etc. should also be quoted. Vague results may lead to poor marks. Results will remain confidential and will only be seen by the judges. However indexing can be used but must be clearly explained.
  • Budget details must be clearly outlined including the breakdown of costs, for example design, production, media support etc. Any element not included in the budget figure specified; for example point of sale, print etc. should be clearly indicated.
  • If the Entrant is not the Promoter, then their name must not appear anywhere on the form.
  • One copy of the signed client approval form should be included with your entry, Failure to comply with this rule will disqualify the entry from consideration.

(B) Support Materials

  • Please refer to the entry form for details of what items should be included in on your USB key.
  • Copies of the campaign’s Terms & Conditions should be included if applicable, both in the format in which they were seen in the marketplace and as an A4 portrait hard-copy and in 12-point type. In the case of Instant Win Promotions, entrants should submit clear evidence that their promotion complies with the Gaming & Lotteries Act 1956 – 2000. i.e. a copy of their lottery licence.
  • These will be checked and any illegalities will result in the entry’s disqualification, as of course, will any campaign against which an ASAI, MEAS, industry or any other statutory body complaint has been upheld. In the light of such facts or any other material information arising after a campaign has been judged and nominated for an award may be withdrawn at the discretion of the judges. It will be the responsibility of the entrant to clarify such facts at entry stage.
  • Campaigns which are deemed to be in breach of the Irish and European Code of Sales Promotion Practice by the judges will also be disqualified.
  • Entries which need specialist equipment other than audio or video, may be required to provide this equipment to assist in judging. In such circumstances this will be at the cost of the entrant.
  • Your entire entry i.e. Client Approvals, Entry Forms and the Support Materials, should be contained on one USB per agency, which must be clearly labelled an APMC Star Awards entry label showing your agency name.
  • All Entries and support materials submitted for the Star Awards become the property of the APMC and will not be returned. 

Entry Fees

  • The Basic Fees per category entered are:
    • APMC Agency Members: €125 + VAT at 23%.
    • APMC Partner Members: €250 + VAT @ 23%.
    • Non-members: €350 + VAT @ 23%.
    • Late entries: These will only be accepted by prior agreement and under exceptional circumstances. An additional administration fee of €25 + VAT per entry must be included with the Entry Fee payment.
  • Payments
    • Payment can be made be made electronically to the APMC bank account or by cheque accompanying your entries. If this is not received, the entries will be judged at the discretion of the APMC. Failure to pay by the date of the awards ceremony will automatically disqualify the entrant from receiving an award.
    • A receipt will subsequently be sent to you for your records.
  • Entry Fees are non-refundable.

Entry Deadline
All entries should be sent to: APMC Ltd., 59 Shrewsbury Lawn, Cabinteely, Dublin 18, D18 V6V9

 To arrive no later than 4.00pm on Friday 1st March 2019.


Please note:

  • All Awards are made entirely at the judges’ discretion and they are under no obligation to make Awards in every category.
  • In the case of a split decision the Chair will hold a casting vote.
  • The Judges’ decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

The Categories

General Entry Notes:

  • Both business to consumer and business to business campaigns may be entered.
  • With the exception of the ‘Best use of PR’ category, to be eligible for an Award your entry must contain a Promotional Marketing element, defined as:
  • An action directed at a consumer or business that enhances product appeal by offering an extra reason to purchase or participate.
  • Campaigns may therefore be entered by companies active in any Promotional Marketing discipline i.e. Sales Promotion, Performance Improvement, Motivation, Direct Marketing, Promotional Merchandise, Field Marketing, Digital Marketing and Incentive Rewards.
  • Throughout this document the term ‘consumer’ means the individual or organisation towards whom the promotion is directed and who received the benefit gained from participation.
  • A campaign may only be entered once in categories A1 to A9 (i.e. the appropriate Industry Sector) but may be entered in as many B categories (technique categories) as are applicable. Entries in B (technique) categories do not have to be entered in the appropriate Industry Sector in Section A.

At the end of each category the scores are reviewed

Gold awards will be made in each category to the outright winner providing the entry achieves 75% or more of the marks

The minimum rating for silver is between 65% – 75%

The minimum rating for bronze is between 55% – 65%

In the event of more than one campaign achieving the required score to merit a gold, silver or bronze, the judges will review all the campaigns and determine the number and nature of the awards. – In many cases particularly the more competitive categories, campaigns will score a lot higher than the minimum requirement.

A campaign will receive a nomination for an award if it is ranked in the top 6 campaigns in its category, however it must score a minimum of 55%. In the event of more than 3 campaigns receiving awards, more than 6 campaigns may be nominated, however all must have scored at least 55%.


Please note:

  • The Promoter’s main line of business is the key to deciding the appropriate Industry Sector.
  • A campaign may be entered in only one of categories A1 to A9.
  • Campaigns implemented by Charities and other not – for – profit organisations on their own behalf should be entered in category A.

A1 Retail and Consumer Durables, Automotive and Household Goods.

For the most effective promotion of these specific shopping channels. This includes Retail and Forecourt outlets; Mail Order and Internet shopping; Wholesale and Distribution outlets; Pubs and Clubs; Restaurants and Fast Food outlets.

A2 FMCG Food and Non Food

For the most effective promotion of food and non food products. This includes all foods, biscuits, snacks and confectionery. It also includes household products including cleaning materials and detergents; kitchen and bathroom paper products; domestic stationery; pet foods. Or the promotion of the products and services which keep us healthy and looking good. This includes ethical pharmaceuticals, OTC medicines and remedies; medical equipment and accessories; health and fitness clubs; all personal hygiene, cosmetic and toiletry products.

Remember it does not include products like soup and milk which should be in non-alcoholic beverages

A3 Non Alcoholic Beverages

For the most effective promotion of non-alcoholic beverages both hot and cold. This includes all beverages including hot beverages and soft drinks.

A4 Alcoholic Beverages – Beer, wines and spirits

For the most effective promotion of beers, wines and spirits. This includes drinks consumed both at home and in pubs and clubs. (NB. Campaigns by pubs and clubs on their own behalf should be entered in Retail).

A5 Service Industries, Including Financial Services and Utilities

For the most effective promotion of the Services necessary to keep our homes and businesses functioning, including pension, savings and investment plans; assurance and insurance (including pets); credit, loan, HP and leasing facilities; High Street banking and Bureaux de Change; Retailers’ financial services; Independent brokers and advisors, utility companies.

A6 Media, IT & Telecoms

For the most effective promotion of the media by themselves or for the most effective promotion of the products and services which help us to work and communicate.

A7 Government, Charity and Cause Related

For the most effective promotion of a government service. The most effective promotion of a charity or charitable organisation.

A8 Business to Business and Trade and Salesforce.

A9 Tourism, Travel and Leisure 


Please note: Campaigns involving more than one Technique may be entered in each applicable category, but ensure that the emphasis of your submission properly reflects the marketing issues and results for the Technique concerned.

  • B1: Best Long Term Campaign
  • B2: Best Promotional Innovation
  • B3: Best Integrated Campaign
  • B4: Best use of Digital in a promotion – including App, Mobile, Website and Social Media
  • B5: Best use of Experiential Marketing < €30K
  • B6: Best use of Experiential Marketing > €30K
  • B7: Best Visibility at the Point of Purchase
  • B8: Best use of Broadcast Media
  • B9: Best use of a Small Budget < 25K
  • B10 Best International Campaign
  • B11 Best Sponsorship Activation
  • B12 Best Shopper Marketing Campaign
  • B13 Best use of PR


Best Creative Execution – Overall best Creative, including design and concept.

Grand Prix – Overall best campaign – the best of the best.

Forward your submissions to:

All entries should be sent to: APMC Ltd., 59 Shrewsbury Lawn, Cabinteely, Dublin 18, D18 V6V9

 To arrive no later than 4.00pm on Friday 1st March 2019.