How to enter

Step 1: Review the Categories and select the one most appropriate for the promotion you intend to enter.

Step 2: Download and complete the relevant Entry Form from the Entry Form Section of this site. When you have completed the form, please ensure that you SAVE each form as a separate pdf in case you need to go back and make amendments to it. Please provide an original and four copies of your completed Entry Form.

Step 3: Complete one Client Approval Form and ensure that your client signs it.

Step 4: Download & Complete the Summary Control Sheet, detailing the client companies, names of your promotions, category codes and your agency details and contact information.

Step 5: Complete the ‘Entry Fees’ column on the Summary Control Sheet, totalling all entry fees due. All entries must be accompanied by full payment or they risk disqualification. Cheques should be made payable to ‘APMC’. Please ensure that you include the appropriate VAT amount (23%) in your payment. Please put the completed Summary Control Sheet with the completed Client Approval Form(s) in a separate and clearly marked envelope.

Step 6: Compile all the entry material requirements (see Entry Materials Section).

Step 7: Forward your submissions to: APMC STAR AWARDS,

c/o The Marketing Hub@Tradewins, Unit 6, Airways Industrial Estate, Santry, Dublin 9.

To arrive no later than 4.00pm on Tuesday, 14th February 2017.