Changes for 2018

There have been two slight amendments in our Industry Categories which sees us amalgamating FMCG Food and Non Food into one Category (A2) and Alcoholic Beverages Category A4 will now encompass Beer, Wines and Spirits under one umbrella.

We are delighted to announce two new categories for 2018 to recognise the ever expanding disciplines of Sponsorship Activation and Shopper Marketing.  In recent years the numbers of entries that incorporate Sponsorship Activation and Shopper Marketing in our Industry categories denoted a requirement to recognise these works in their own dedicated Technique Categories.

Categories 2018

If you wish to enter a campaign in the A Categories – the Industry Categories – simply select the industry entry form, choose it from the drop down menu on the excel entry form and fully complete the form.

Industry Categories – A

  • A1 Retail & Consumer Durables – incl. Automotive & Household Goods
  • A2 FMCG – Food and Non Food
  • A3 Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  • A4 Alcoholic Beverages – Beer, Wines & Spirits
  • A5 Service Industries, including Financial Services and Utilities
  • A6 Media, IT & Telecoms
  • A7 Government, Charity and Cause related
  • A8 Business to Business and Trade and Sales Force
  • A9 Tourism, Travel and Leisure

The technique categories focus on the specific technique being used in a promotion. If you have not entered this campaign in any of the A Categories you may need to provide the judges with some background information about the promotion (as in the A categories)

Technique Categories – B

  • B1 Best Long Term Campaign
  • B2 Best Promotional Innovation
  • B3 Best Integrated Campaign
  • B4 Best Use of Digital including App, Mobile, Website and Social Media
  • B5 Best use of Experiential Marketing with a budget of < €30,000
  • B6 Best use of Experiential Marketing with a budget of > €30,000
  • B7 Best Visibility at the Point of Purchase
  • B8 Best use of Broadcast Media
  • B9 Best use of a Small Budget < €25,000
  • B10 Best International Campaign
  • B11 Best Sponsorship Activation
  • B12 Best Shopper Marketing