Staffing Manager – BecauseXM

Reporting to: Client Services Director

Title: Staffing Manager

Level: 3

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Where does this role fit within the overall business? To oversee the staffing function of the agency who have responsibility for recruiting and deploying engaging, reliable promotion staff that will deliver campaign objectives.
What is the purpose of this role? To establish and maintain the systems and processes that enable the staffing team to recruit, train and retain best in class field staff able to deliver clients project objectives.
What are the core responsibilities?
1) Staffing Services
a) Oversee staffing function to deliver 99% compliance. Create procedures to evaluate staff performance
b) Ensure policies and documentation are updated in line with legal requirements. Oversee payroll. Manage field staff HR and discipline
c) Conduct regular analysis of staff database to ensure data is accurate. Identify potential staffing gaps
d) Influence and recommend reporting and evaluation methods to ensure learnings are captured and shared
e) Work with wider project team to understand what success looks like for the client. Strategize and organize annual recruitment plans to ensure that staff are profiled and trained to be the best in class

2) Business Performance
a) Utilises financial information to ensure that the team work within defined guidelines of cost to book field staff and cost to train field staff. Understands and applies a commercial acumen to ways of working to best enhance profitability
b) Complete or approve the staffing sections of campaign budgets, protecting contribution to profits

3) People Performance
a) Understand and train the team to relevant people management skills that can be applied to our collective field based team that will support motivation, performance and retention
b) Review the performance of team members via regular feedback with managers, formal PADRs and training and development programs
c) Demonstrates a firm, pro-active, calm and consistent attitude

Does this role contribute to other areas of the business? Works in conjunction with Business Director to identify opportunities for additional revenue streams for client seeking independent staffing services.

Intended use of time
Staffing Services 70% : Business Performance 15% : People Performance 15%

What are the key performance measures?
● Field staff compliance of >99%
● Quality of staffing output
● Contribution to campaign profit
● Cost to book and cost to train field staff (within defined guidelines)

What management information will be utilised to assess performance?
● Job bag reconciliations – contribution to project profit
● Aggregated staffing compliance records and mystery shopping reports
● Time analysis