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goosebump is a leading Shopper Marketing agency which is part of the DDFH+B group of advertising agencies. Our role is to bring creative ideas alive in the marketplace in a way that drives sales for our clients’ brands.

For us it is all about the idea – we develop the big idea and then bring it to life to the shopper in a way that requires them to engage with us. We live and breathe multi-channel. No shopper journey starts at the entrance to the store, so we embrace all media touchpoints relevant to that shopper for that specific mission.

Typically our campaigns appear in-store, online, on packs, on sms/mms, on social, on radio, on outdoor, in press, or out and about where you least expect it.


We have recently started an internship process, which helps us find talented young individuals to recruit as Account Executives, post their internship.

This gives both us and the Intern the chance to see if this is the career path for them and if Goosebump is the perfect fit for their talents.

The internship is a pre-cursor to the AE position, and depending on the ability of the candidate, they progress to take on many of the AE tasks as their internship develops.

Your Role:

Your role would be to assist us in devising marketing campaigns for a range of top international brands, and executing through the line marketing campaigns. We work in a creative, fun environment which is essential for good idea generation.

At goosebump we look for six qualities in our Internship programme:

• Creativity
• Marketing understanding
• Strong interest & understanding in business
• Interpersonal skills
• Strong organisational skills
• Ability to take initiative

A day in the life of an intern is varied and often hectic, and includes diverse tasks such as brainstorming, attending and recording key actions at client meetings, briefing designers, preparing client budgets and sourcing items. It is a tremendous training ground for ambitious young business people, but it requires real energy and commitment but it’s lots of fun too!
If you are interested, please email your CV to

We are looking for people to start immediately.