Measuring the Value of Experiential Marketing – March 25th 2015

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Date: Wednesday 25th March Time: 8.30am -1pm
Venue: RDS Members Club
Price: €195 per member

Workshop Overview

Experiential Marketing Campaigns are becoming an increasingly popular feature of a brand’s
marketing mix principally because they directly engage with current and potential consumers of
the brand in one of the most effective ways possible – face to face.
But these campaigns are resource intensive and increasingly both brands and their agencies are
concerned about whether such campaigns can be justified in relation to the value they add to the
brand overall. The industry is at a crucial point where it must demonstrate its value to sustain its
Measuring the activity ‘on the day’ (how many people were sampled / took a leaflet / engaged in
the activity / etc.) is easy but this does not give any measurement of the value of the programme
within the brand’s overall marketing mix. This half-day workshop is designed to explore how to
measure the Value of Experiential Campaigns and will give you the knowledge and skills to do this
and the ability to demonstrate how the campaign creates and adds value to the brand in the
longer term.
The aim of the workshop
The session is designed to help agencies and clients distinguish between ‘The Measurement of
Activity’ – what happens on the day – and ‘The Measurement of Value’ – how the campaign adds
real value to the brand and thereby justifying the use of these resources and the ROI of the
campaign for the brand. We will cover the principles of measuring the value of Experiential
Campaigns along with case study examples which show how it works in practice.
Who the workshop is designed for
The workshop covers both theory and practice and will benefit both clients and agencies who are
involved in running Experiential Campaigns.
The workshop will cover the key principles of measuring value and their practical application. Key
topics will include:
The Value of Experiential Marketing
• Why Experiential Marketing is becoming increasingly important
• What are the right objectives to set to ensure payback?
• Why it is important to build measurement into the Experiential
Campaign plan
• The principle of measuring the full value of the campaign not just what
happens on the day
• How to achieve these objectives without breaking the bank
Measuring the Change in Consumer Behaviour
• The Drivers of Consumer Behaviour
• How to evaluate consumer preferences
• Relating Consumer Behaviour to the Value of Experiential Campaigns
Practical Case Study Examples of Measuring Value
• Lessons learned and how to use these to improve future campaigns
Delegate discussion on how to apply the techniques to your campaigns
• Open forum discussion of your case examples, either how you could have evaluated a
campaign you have already run or might plan for tackling a campaign you have yet to
Workshop format
The tutors will use real examples and case studies to illustrate both principles and practical
applications. The session will be a mix of short presentations, discussion and practical exercises
that help delegates put theory into practice.